Unleash the Power of the Rainbow Sword in Chrono Trigger


The Chrono Trigger Rainbow Sword is an awe-inspiring weapon that commands attention with its ethereal beauty and enchanting design. It is a longsword, elegantly crafted with a slender and polished blade that glimmers with a faint iridescence. The hilt of the sword is intricately adorned with a shimmering pommel, reflecting the colors of the rainbow.

When held in the hands of its chosen wielder, the Rainbow Sword emanates a gentle, radiant glow, reminiscent of the colorful bands of light that stretch across the sky after a refreshing rain shower. The sword seems to pulsate with energy, as if harnessing the very essence of nature itself.

As the wielder brandishes the Rainbow Sword, the blade takes on a mesmerizing transformation. It seamlessly shifts its hue, adapting to the elemental forces at play. When infused with fire, the blade glows with a vibrant crimson intensity, exuding waves of scorching heat. With a swift motion, the sword can channel the might of thunder, crackling with electric energy that arcs along its edge. In its ice form, the blade gleams with a glacial blue, leaving a trail of frosty mist in its wake. The Rainbow Sword can also harness the power of the earth, with the blade radiating an earthy green and displaying the strength to cleave through solid obstacles.

The Rainbow Sword serves not only as a formidable weapon but also as a symbol of hope and redemption. Its dazzling appearance and ever-changing elemental alignments remind its wielder of the responsibility that comes with such power. It is a reminder that they are chosen to protect the world and restore balance in the face of impending doom.

The Rainbow Sword stands as a testament to the masterful craftsmanship of Melchior, as well as the mystical forces that shaped its creation during the ancient War of the Magi. Its presence in the game serves as a constant reminder of the remarkable journey undertaken by the player, and the extraordinary power that can be wielded in the fight against darkness.

Rainbow Sword Stats

Item NameRainbow Sword
Used ByCrono
Equipment TypeKatana
Effect70% Critical
FoundGuardia Castle (Present)

Obtaining the Rainbow Sword

In order to add the rainbow sword to your inventory in Chrono Trigger, you will need to complete some side quests.

You will need to do the Toma quest in Choras first. Speak to Toma in 600 A.D. Toma will ask you to pour some pop on his grave.

In 1000 A.D you will go to the northwest to the West Cape to pour pop on Tomas toumbstone. After this you will learn about the Giants Claw cave.

Fly back to 600 A.D to get to the cave. In the Giants claw cave, you will find the remnants of the Dinosaur lair.

At the end of this lair, you will have to find a charged up Rust Tyrano. After this battle you will be able to get find the Rainbow shell.

After this meeting, go back to Present day and go to the guardia castle.

Here you will find out the the chancellor has been taken over by Yakra, and has accused the King of selling the rainbow shell.

Once you clear quest, the rainbow shell will be accessible and Melchior will come back to craft you the Rainbow sword.


In summary, the Rainbow Sword in Chrono Trigger is a stunning and versatile weapon, imbued with the essence of the rainbow and capable of harnessing the elemental forces of nature. Its radiant glow, ever-changing hues, and formidable abilities make it a truly legendary weapon within the game’s universe.

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