Defending Heroes, Shaping Destiny, Wearing Body Armor in Chrono Trigger

In the enchanting realm of Chrono Trigger, an iconic role-playing game beloved by fans worldwide, heroes embark on a grand adventure through time. Amidst the perils they encounter, armor emerges as an essential aspect of their journey. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind using armor in Chrono Trigger, exploring the significance, benefits, and strategic advantages they bring to your party. Discover how the right armor can turn the tide of battle and shape the destiny of your heroes.

  1. Fortifying Defense: The primary purpose of armor in Chrono Trigger is to fortify your party’s defense against both physical and magical attacks. As heroes engage in combat, enemies unleash a barrage of assaults. Armor acts as a protective shield, reducing the damage inflicted by incoming blows. By equipping armor, your characters gain increased resilience, enhancing their overall survivability and allowing them to endure even the most relentless onslaughts.
  2. Elemental Resistance: Enemies in Chrono Trigger employ various elemental powers, such as fire, ice, and lightning. Armor often provides resistance or immunity to specific elemental damage types. By equipping the appropriate armor that grants elemental resistance, your heroes can significantly reduce the impact of elemental attacks. This strategic choice allows you to exploit enemy weaknesses and turn the tide in your favor during intense battles.
  3. Safeguarding against Status Ailments: Throughout their quest, heroes face adversaries capable of inflicting debilitating status ailments. Poison, sleep, confusion, and paralysis can render your party vulnerable and hinder their effectiveness. Armor frequently offers protection against these ailments, granting resistance or even immunity. Equipping the right armor ensures your heroes remain unyielding, unaffected by the debilitating effects of status ailments, and ready to unleash their full potential in combat.
  4. Enhancing Stats and Abilities: Armor in Chrono Trigger often provides stat boosts and unique abilities, enabling your characters to excel in their roles. Some armors increase strength, magic power, or speed, while others enhance critical hit rates or provide additional skill bonuses. By strategically equipping armor that complements each character’s playstyle and strengths, you can maximize their effectiveness in battle. This level of customization allows you to fine-tune your party’s abilities and optimize their performance.
  5. Personalization and Character Growth: Chrono Trigger encourages personalization and character growth, and armor plays a pivotal role in this aspect. As your heroes progress through their time-traveling adventure, they evolve and acquire new skills. Equipping suitable armor enhances their capabilities and reflects their individual development. It fosters a deeper connection with your heroes, making their triumphs and successes even more rewarding.
  6. Obtaining Armor: Armor can be obtained through various means in Chrono Trigger. Shops in different eras offer a selection of armor available for purchase using in-game currency. As you explore the game world, hidden chests and treasures unveil valuable armor pieces, rewarding your curiosity and thorough exploration. Completing quests and overcoming challenges may also yield unique armors, adding a sense of accomplishment and further enhancing your party’s defensive capabilities.

List of All Body Armor in Chrono Trigger

#NameDefEffectUsable by
143Hide Tunic5XXXXXXX
144Padded Vest (Karate Gi)10XXXXXXX
145Bronze Armor (BronzeMail)16XXXX
146Maiden’s Suit (MaidenSuit)18XXX
147Iron Suit25XXXXXXX
148Titanium Vest (Titan Vest)32XXXXXXX
149Taban’s Vest (Taban Vest)33Speed +2, Halves FireX
150Golden Suit (Gold Suit)39XXXXXXX
151Ruby Vest45Halves FireXXXXXXX
152Dark Mail45Magic Defense +5XXXX
153White Vest45Absorbs 50% of LightXXXXXXX
154Black Vest45Absorbs 50% of ShadowXXXXXXX
155Blue Vest45Absorbs 50% of WaterXXXXXXX
156Red Vest45Absorbs 50% of FireXXXXXXX
157Mesozoic Mail (Meso Mail)52XXXXXXX
158Mist Robe54XXX
159Luminous Robe (Lumin Robe)63Magic Defense +5XXX
160Radiant Plate (Flash Mail)64XXXX
161White Plate (Chrono Trigger) (White Mail)70Absorbs LightXXXXXXX
162Black Plate (Chrono Trigger) (Black Mail)70Absorbs ShadowXXXXXXX
163Blue Plate (Chrono Trigger) (Blue Mail)70Absorbs WaterXXXXXXX
164Red Plate (Chrono Trigger) (Red Mail)70Absorbs FireXXXXXXX
165Platinum Vest (Lode Vest)71XXXXXXX
166Aeonian Suit (Aeon Suit)75XXXXXXX
167Raven Armor76X
168Ruby Armor78Reduces Fire damage to 20%XXXXXXX
169Taban’s Suit (Taban Suit)79Speed +3, Halves FireX
170Zodiac Cape80Magic Defense +10XXX
171Nova Armor82Status ImmunityXXXX
172Reptite Dress82Magic +10XXX
173Dragon Armor83Strength +10XXXX
174Gloom Cape84X
175Moonbeam Armor (Moon Armor)85Magic Defense +10XXXX
176Saurian Leathers88Speed +3, Strength +3XXXXXXX
177Regal Plate88Stamina +10, Magic Defense +10XXXX
178Regal Gown90Auto-Protect, Auto-BarrierXXX
179Shadowplume Robe90Magic Defense +20, Auto-BarrierX
180Elemental Aegis92Elemental immunityX
181Prismatic Dress (Prism Dress)99Auto-BarrierXXXX

In Chrono Trigger, armor transcends its physical attributes and becomes a symbol of protection and growth. It fortifies your party’s defense against physical and magical attacks, grants elemental resistance, and safeguards against status ailments. By equipping the right armor and customizing it to match each character’s strengths, you can elevate their combat prowess and shape their destiny. Embrace the power of armor in Chrono Trigger, and witness how these formidable protective layers transform your heroes into legends capable of withstanding any challenge that time throws their way.

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