The Princess of Zeal: Schala

Schala is a prominent character in the classic video game Chrono Trigger. She is a key figure in the game’s storyline and plays a vital role in the events that unfold. Here’s a description of Schala:

Schala, also known as Princess Schala Zeal, is the daughter of Queen Zeal, the ruler of the ancient kingdom of Zeal. She possesses incredible magical abilities and serves as the game’s primary connection to the mystical realm of Lavos, a powerful extraterrestrial creature.

Schala is portrayed as a compassionate and empathetic character with a strong sense of responsibility. She is deeply concerned about the well-being of her people and desires peace and harmony. Schala possesses a gentle and wise demeanor, often displaying maturity beyond her years.

Throughout the game, Schala becomes embroiled in the conflict surrounding the misuse of Lavos’s power by her mother and the Zeal kingdom. She demonstrates her benevolence by attempting to prevent the catastrophic consequences that Queen Zeal’s actions could bring upon the world.

Schala forms a close bond with the game’s protagonist, Crono, and his companions. She aids them in their quest to prevent the destruction caused by Lavos and works towards thwarting her mother’s misguided ambitions.

Schala’s character is characterized by her inner strength and sacrifice. Her kindness and desire for harmony make her a symbol of hope and a catalyst for change within the game’s narrative. Her connection to Lavos and her magical abilities make her a significant and integral part of the game’s plot.

Without delving into specific plot details, Schala’s story arc and her relationship with the other characters in Chrono Trigger make her one of the most memorable and beloved characters in the game. Her actions and decisions have a profound impact on the outcome of the game’s events, making her a pivotal figure in the player’s journey.


In Chrono Trigger, Schala is depicted as a young woman with long, flowing lavender-colored hair that cascades down her back. She has fair skin and soft facial features, giving her a gentle and serene appearance. Schala typically wears a pale blue, sleeveless dress with gold trimmings and a high collar. The dress extends down to her ankles and is adorned with intricate patterns.

Her attire includes a pair of matching pale blue gloves that reach up to her elbows. Schala also wears a small tiara on her forehead, which features a single gemstone in the center. She often carries a staff, which is an emblem of her magical abilities.

Schala’s overall appearance reflects her noble status as the princess of Zeal and her connection to the mystical elements in the game. Her ethereal beauty and graceful demeanor contribute to her portrayal as a character with an otherworldly aura.


Schala is a significant character in Chrono Trigger, a renowned role-playing video game released in 1995. She plays a central role in the game’s story and is involved in several key events. Here is some information about Schala:

  1. Background: Schala is the daughter of Queen Zeal, the ruler of the Kingdom of Zeal in the ancient kingdom of Zeal. She possesses powerful magical abilities and is highly regarded in her society.
  2. Gentle and Compassionate: Schala is depicted as a kind-hearted and empathetic character. She genuinely cares about the well-being of others and seeks peace and harmony.
  3. Connection to Lavos: Schala has a significant connection to Lavos, an extraterrestrial creature that poses a great threat to the world. She possesses an innate ability to communicate with Lavos and tap into its powers.
  4. Ambitions of Queen Zeal: Despite her compassionate nature, Schala is torn between her love for her mother, Queen Zeal, and her disagreement with her mother’s questionable ambitions and misuse of Lavos’s power.
  5. Aid to the Heroes: Schala forms a close bond with the game’s protagonist, Crono, and his companions. She becomes a key ally and assists them on their quest to save the world from the impending danger caused by Lavos.
  6. Sacrifice and Redemption: Schala’s story arc involves sacrifices and selflessness as she attempts to rectify the consequences of her mother’s actions. Her actions are crucial in determining the ultimate outcome of the game’s events.
  7. Memorable Moments: Schala’s character is involved in several memorable moments in Chrono Trigger, including encounters at the Ocean Palace and the Black Omen. These moments showcase her bravery, resilience, and the inner conflict she faces.

Schala’s character has resonated with players over the years, as she embodies compassion, strength, and the power to bring about change. Her role in the game’s narrative is crucial, and her story arc adds depth and emotional resonance to the overall experience of Chrono Trigger.

In Game

In the game, Schala is seen in multiple points in the game, as the story progresses you learn more and more about her importance to the story line. Here are stages you see Schala in:

  • The Magic Kingdom
  • What Lies Beyond
  • Lavos Beckons
  • The New King
  • The Time Egg

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