This walkthrough is for the Break the Seal quest.

Chrono, along with Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, and possibly Ayla, make their way back to the Tyranno Lair Ruins, where the Antiquity Time Gate remains sealed behind them. To their surprise, they discover that the Queen’s door resembles the futuristic doors they encountered before. With the Pendant fully charged, they possess the ability to unlock these mysterious doors, opening a path to the year 2300 AD and the desolate world that lies within. Their next destination is the Mystic Mountains, where they reunite with the Dactyls and prepare to traverse the Time Gate leading to the End of Time.

Meanwhile, at Ioka Village, the residents rejoice over the eradication of the Reptites, although they complain about the chilling weather. In the wake of the destruction of their village, the Laruba people have found refuge in Ioka. Notably, rumors circulate that Ayla has stepped down as chief, with Kino assuming the leadership role. Visitors can spot Kino in the Chief’s Hut. Additionally, the supply of happy water, a potent elixir for restoring HP and MP, has been depleted. However, weary travelers can still find respite by taking a nap on the fur mats inside the Chief’s Hut.

Returning to the main storyline, the Old Man reveals that the pillar of light sealing their passage prevents them from retracing their steps. Nonetheless, a friend of his from the future had devised a contraption called The Wings of Time that might hold the key to their return.

As a useful tip, the charged pendant enables the party to unlock various sealed objects. They can access the Sealed Doors in Arris Dome, Trann Dome, and Bangor Dome within the Future. In addition, they can open the Sealed Chests in both the Middle Ages and the Present. Furthermore, they have the ability to unseal the Forest Ruins, once known as the Northern Shrine, where a Nu awaits and might reward them with a Swallow or Guardian Helm.

Another helpful hint is to check certain Sealed Chests in the Middle Ages but select “No” before opening them in the Present. By doing so, they can acquire upgraded versions of the contained items. Later, they can return to the Middle Ages and open the chests they accessed in the Present to obtain the vestiges of the elemental gear.

To progress, the party must venture into either Proto Dome or Bangor Dome within the future. Despite the changes that have taken place in these locations, Trann Dome and Arris Dome, a plant still thrives. They must navigate through the Abandoned Sewers, battling Dondragos, Egg Oozes, and Krawlies if they haven’t done so already. Inside Keeper’s Dome, a Nu-like Construct awaits their arrival.

If the party hasn’t visited Keeper’s Dome previously, the Nu advises against disturbing its slumber. However, for those who have encountered it before, the Nu provides valuable information regarding recent events.

Unlocking the sealed door in the Dome reveals Belthasar’s recordings concerning Lavos, Zeal, and the Wings of Time. Proceeding through the final door, they discover the Wings of Time, accompanied by a Nu bearing an object that contains instructions for operating the vessel. The party decides to name this newfound machine the Epoch, allowing them to utilize the Time Machine and return to the Antiquity.

Back in 12,000 BC, the Zeal transporter remains sealed, leaving the village of the Earthbound Ones as the sole accessible location. The Earthbound Ones enlighten the party about Zeal, the Mammon Machine, Schala, Janus, Queen Zeal, and other important aspects of Zeal’s history. Delving into the depths of the Mudbeast Den, they must prepare themselves for a fierce battle against four Mudbeasts, ensuring to retrieve the Strength Capsule along the way. Finally, at the cave’s end, they face the chapter’s boss battle: a Red Mudbeast, a Blue Mudbeast, and a Mud Imp. Defeating these formidable adversaries grants them passage, allowing them to ascend the chain and embark on the rescue mission for Melchior within the treacherous Mountain of Woe.

Bonus: Locations of Sealed Chests

Throughout the time periods of 600 A.D and 1000 A.D there are chests that have a Zeal Crest. These chests are black and when previously examined before they will show a message saying that they are sealed by a mysterious force, if you try opening them with the pendent.

Once you have completed Break the Seal you will have the ability to fly. Some chests can be reached with with the charged pendent some you will need to be able to fly.

NOTE* – When opening these chests, keep in mind the chests in 1000 A.D will somtimes have upgraded item, so if you open the item in 1000 A.D. you can go back in time to get another item, but if you open it in 600 A.D. you wont get an item.

Time Periods

600 A.D

  • Venture into the depths of Guardia Forest and direct your attention to the upper right section, near the sign indicating a “Dead end.” A sealed chest, unfortunately non-upgradeable, awaits your examination. Unlocking its contents reveals a valuable Speed Tab, which enhances the agility of the recipient.
  • Proceed further to the entrance of the Magic Cave, the same path that once led to Magus’s lair. Near the cave’s opening lies another sealed chest, regrettably non-upgradeable as well. Within this chest rests the coveted Magic Ring, an accessory renowned for bestowing a significant boost of +6 to one’s magical abilities.

1000 A.D

  • Within the depths of Heckran Cave lies a single chest containing two non-upgradeable treasures. To acquire them, follow this simple route: begin at the Vortex Point near Lucca’s house and descend through the waterfall until you reach the sealed chest. Continue onward until you encounter a whirlpool; take the plunge and find yourself back at the starting point. Your efforts will reward you with both a Wall Ring and a Dash Ring.
    • Alternatively, you can access this chest by journeying to 1000 A.D. through Medina Village (not Leene Square) and progressing through Heckran Cave via its normal entrance until you reach the aforementioned chest.
  • In Guardia Forest, there is a solitary sealed chest harboring a Power Ring. However, accessing it proves to be a challenge, as the path leading to it is currently blocked. To reach the chest, you must utilize the time portal connected to the forest. If you have previously activated the portal and linked it to the End of Time, you are in luck. Otherwise, navigate through 2300 A.D. until you reach the Bangor Dome, where you will find the warp leading to Guardia Forest.
  • Make your way to Medina Village and direct your steps towards the northern diamond-shaped structure, known as the northern palace. Here, you will encounter a Nu hailing from 13,000 years ago. The Nu presents you with a choice between a potent sword and a formidable defensive armor. In the chest to the right, you will find the Swallow, a remarkable sword for Crono that surpasses any weapon available until you obtain the Epoch in The Time Egg. On the other hand, the chest on the left holds the Safe Helm, a headpiece that reduces physical damage by a third and offers slightly less defense compared to the Prism Helm and the legendary Ozzie Pants. Considering the options, it is advisable to select the Safe Helm. It is worth noting that if you acquire the Swallow here, you can still obtain a Safe Helm by charming one from the Lavos Spawn in the Black Omen (excluding the earlier ones in 2300 A.D.). However, the Swallow cannot be obtained through any other means.

Upgradeable Chests

Please note that upgradable chests in the game contain two items and require a three-step process. First, select the chest in 600 A.D. but decline to take the items. Then, obtain the upgraded item in 1000 A.D. Finally, return to 600 A.D. to acquire the initial item.

  • Within the Elder’s house in the village of Porre during the year 600 A.D., you will come across two sealed chests. Remember to select them but refrain from taking their contents. Proceed to the Mayor’s house in the present timeline to obtain the upgraded White Mail and Black Mail. Afterward, travel back in time and retrieve the White Vest and Black Vest. The White Mail and Black Mail offer complete absorption of Lightning and Shadow damage, respectively, whereas the White Vest and Black Vest only absorb 50% of those respective elements and provide inferior defense.
  • Next, venture into the Truce Inn during 600 A.D. and select the chest there without taking its contents. Travel to the Truce Inn in 1000 A.D. and open the chest to obtain the Blue Mail. Return to 600 A.D. and collect the Blue Vest. The Blue Mail offers complete absorption of water attacks, while the Blue Vest absorbs only 50% of water attacks and possesses weaker defense.
  • In 600 A.D., make your way to Guardia Castle, passing through the throne room and ascending the left-side stairs. Select the chest but decline to open it. Travel to 1000 A.D. and open the chest to acquire the Red Mail. Return once again to 600 A.D. and claim the Red Vest. The Red Mail grants complete absorption of fire attacks, whereas the Red Vest absorbs only 50% of fire attacks and provides lower defense. It is important to note that the Red Vest is often mistaken for the Ruby Vest, which blocks 50% of fire damage, but the character still sustains the remaining 50% of the damage.

Sealed Doors

Sealed doors can be found in 2300 A.D

  • Go to Bangor Dome, there is a sealed door where you will receive a full there, charm top and a wallet
  • Go to Trann Dome, there is a sealled door which you will get a gold stud, full ether and magic tab
  • In Arris dome, there is a door which contains a lumin robe, hit ring and gold earing, and a power tab on the ground

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