The False King, Dalton

Dalton is an antagonist in Chrono Trigger, the popular role-playing video game. He serves as one of the later antagonists in the game’s storyline and is known for his cunning, power-hungry nature. Here’s some information about Dalton:

  1. Role and Affiliation: Dalton is a high-ranking official in the kingdom of Zeal, serving under Queen Zeal. He is depicted as a power-hungry and ambitious individual, always seeking to increase his own authority and influence.
  2. Antagonistic Actions: Dalton often acts as a foil to the game’s protagonists, opposing them and attempting to hinder their progress. He takes advantage of Queen Zeal’s ambitions and collaborates with her in her misuse of Lavos’s power for their personal gain.
  3. Leader of Golems: Dalton is also known for his association with the Golems, large robotic creatures under his command. He employs them in battle to enforce his authority and combat those who oppose him.
  4. Encounter with the Heroes: Throughout the game, Dalton serves as a recurring antagonist, confronting the main characters on multiple occasions. Players encounter him in various locations, including the Kingdom of Zeal, the Blackbird airship, and the Ocean Palace.
  5. Ambitions and Betrayal: Dalton’s ambitions extend beyond serving Queen Zeal. He seeks to gain control over the immense power of Lavos for himself and plans to overthrow Queen Zeal to achieve his goals. His treacherous nature is revealed as he turns against the queen to pursue his own agenda.
  6. Boss Battles: Players engage in intense boss battles against Dalton during the course of the game. These battles test the heroes’ skills and determination, as they face off against Dalton and his formidable powers.

Dalton’s character adds an element of conflict and opposition to the game’s narrative. His cunning and desire for power make him a formidable adversary for the heroes of Chrono Trigger. Players must overcome his machinations and confront him in their quest to save the world from the impending threat of Lavos.

Daltons Appearance in the Game

In Chrono Trigger, Dalton is visually depicted as a tall and burly man with a distinct appearance. Here’s a description of Dalton’s appearance:

Dalton has a robust build, with broad shoulders and a muscular physique. He has fair skin and a slightly tanned complexion. His most distinguishing feature is his wild, bushy, and bright orange hair that stands up in a spiky fashion, giving him a somewhat untamed look.

Dalton’s attire reflects his position and authority within the Kingdom of Zeal. He wears a purple and gold regal outfit, consisting of a long, flowing cape adorned with intricate patterns and a high collar. His clothing features ornate designs and embellishments that signify his status as a high-ranking official.

Additionally, Dalton is often seen wearing a wide-brimmed hat that matches his outfit’s color scheme. The hat has a pointed top and a feather or plume attached to it, further accentuating his regal appearance.

Dalton’s facial features include sharp, piercing eyes, which are typically depicted in a shade of yellow or gold. He often wears a confident and somewhat arrogant expression, emphasizing his role as an antagonist in the game.

Overall, Dalton’s appearance is meant to convey his position of authority, his ambition, and his antagonistic nature. His striking and flamboyant visual design helps distinguish him as a memorable character in Chrono Trigger.

Fighting Dalton

Dalton is a boss in Chrono Trigger, he is seen in the Zeal Palace level in 12000 BC. His main attacks are Iron Sphere and a Burrrp attack.

His stats are:

  • HP: 3500
  • Defense: 127
  • Magic Defense: 1000
  • EXP: 2500
  • TP: 30
  • G: 0

In the DS version of the game, he gains more attacks including: Dark Matter, Fire 2, Lightning 2, Luminarie, Dark Bomb

Where does Dalton Appear

Dalton is a character you meet later on in the game, He is shown as one of Queen Zeals entourage. You will encounter dalton in these stages:

  • The Magic Kingdom
  • What Lies Beyond
  • Lavos Beckons
  • The New King

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