Robo, also known as R-66Y, is a significant character in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. He is a robotic companion who joins the party on their time-traveling adventures. Here’s an overview of who Robo is:

Robo is a robot originally created in the future by humans to serve and assist with various tasks. He was a part of a group of worker robots known as the R-series. However, during a catastrophic event in the future, known as the Day of Lavos, Robo is damaged and rendered inoperative.

Centuries later, the main characters of Chrono Trigger discover Robo in a dormant state in the ruins of Proto Dome. With their technological skills, they manage to reactivate him, and he becomes a valuable member of their team.

Robo possesses a gentle and helpful nature, always striving to assist others. He develops a strong sense of friendship and loyalty toward his human companions. Despite his mechanical nature, Robo displays human-like emotions and demonstrates a desire to understand the complexities of human existence.

In battle, Robo excels as a versatile support character. He possesses high defense and endurance, making him an excellent tank capable of absorbing heavy damage. Robo’s primary role is to heal and provide support to the party. He has access to a variety of techs (special abilities) that can restore HP and cure status ailments, as well as offensive techs that deal damage to enemies.

Throughout the game, Robo’s backstory unfolds, revealing his connection to the future and the struggle he faces as he grapples with his identity as a machine. His character arc explores themes of humanity, self-discovery, and the importance of compassion and understanding.

Robo’s inclusion in the party not only brings his unique skills and abilities but also adds depth to the narrative of Chrono Trigger, offering insights into the human-robot relationship and the impact of technology on society.

Robo’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Robo, as a character in Chrono Trigger, possesses a set of strengths and weaknesses that define his role in battle. Here’s an overview of Robo’s strengths and weaknesses:


  1. Durability: Robo excels in defense and has high endurance, making him a reliable tank on the battlefield. He can absorb a significant amount of damage, allowing him to protect more vulnerable party members.
  2. Support Abilities: Robo specializes in support techs and abilities. He has access to healing techs like Heal Beam and Heal Counter, which can restore HP to allies or even automatically heal them when attacked. Robo can also cure status ailments with his Cure Beam tech.
  3. Area-of-Effect Damage: Robo has access to powerful area-of-effect techs like Area Bomb and Laser Spin, allowing him to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. This makes him effective in encounters with groups of foes.
  4. Resistance to Certain Attacks: Being a robot, Robo is immune to certain status ailments and negative effects that affect human characters. This can be advantageous in battles against enemies that rely on these types of attacks.


  1. Limited Elemental Abilities: Robo lacks strong elemental offensive techs. While he has access to some lightning-based techs, his repertoire in this regard is more limited compared to other characters like Crono or Lucca, who have a wider range of elemental attacks.
  2. Slower Speed: Robo tends to have lower speed compared to other characters in the game. This means he may act later in battle, potentially allowing enemies to strike first or delaying his support actions.
  3. Vulnerability to Certain Attacks: Some enemies may possess anti-robot abilities or attacks specifically designed to target mechanical entities like Robo. In such encounters, Robo may be at a disadvantage and take increased damage.
  4. Limited Healing Techs: While Robo has access to healing techs, his healing capabilities are not as diverse or potent as those of characters like Marle or Ayla. This can sometimes require additional support from other party members for more extensive healing needs.

Despite these weaknesses, Robo’s strengths lie in his durability, support abilities, and area-of-effect damage, making him a valuable asset to the party. By leveraging his defensive capabilities and utilizing his healing and support techs effectively, players can maximize Robo’s contribution to battles and overcome the challenges they face in Chrono Trigger.

Robo’s Stats

In Chrono Trigger, Robo’s base stats determine his capabilities and effectiveness in battle. Here is a breakdown of Robo’s base stats:

  1. HP (Hit Points): Robo has a high base HP stat, making him a durable character capable of absorbing significant damage before being defeated.
  2. MP (Magic Points): Robo has a moderate base MP stat, which is used to perform techs (abilities) that consume magic points. While Robo primarily relies on physical attacks, he does have a few techs that require MP.
  3. Attack: Robo has a high base attack stat, allowing him to deal substantial damage with his physical attacks and techs that rely on physical strength.
  4. Defense: Robo has a high base defense stat, providing him with excellent protection against physical attacks. This enables him to mitigate damage and serve as a reliable tank for the party.
  5. Magic: Robo has a low base magic stat, indicating that his magical abilities are not as potent as his physical attacks. However, he does have a few techs that utilize magic, such as healing and support abilities.
  6. Speed: Robo has a moderate base speed stat, determining the order in which characters take their turns in battle. While not exceptionally fast, Robo’s speed allows him to act in a timely manner.
  7. Stamina: Robo has a high base stamina stat, which influences his overall endurance and resistance to status ailments and negative effects. This stat helps him maintain his effectiveness in battles.
  8. Evade: Robo has a low base evade stat, indicating that he is less agile and has a lower chance of dodging physical attacks compared to some other characters. However, his high defense compensates for this.
  9. Magic Defense: Robo has a high base magic defense stat, granting him strong resistance against magical attacks. This allows him to withstand and mitigate the damage inflicted by enemy spells.

It’s important to note that these base stats can be further enhanced and modified through equipment, accessories, and character development. Additionally, as Robo gains experience points and levels up, his stats will gradually increase, allowing him to become even more powerful and versatile in combat. Players can strategically equip Robo and allocate stat-boosting items to optimize his strengths and mitigate his weaknesses, tailoring him to their preferred playstyle and party composition.

Best Items for Robo

In Chrono Trigger, there are several valuable items that can enhance Robo’s abilities and make him even more formidable in battle. Here are some of the best items to consider equipping Robo with:

  1. Crisis Arm: The Crisis Arm is Robo’s ultimate weapon and a must-have for maximizing his damage output. It increases his attack power significantly and may have additional effects, such as boosting critical hit rates or enhancing tech abilities.
  2. Crisis Arm+ (if available): Some versions of Chrono Trigger introduce an upgraded version of the Crisis Arm called the Crisis Arm+. This weapon further enhances Robo’s attack power and may provide additional bonuses to his abilities.
  3. PrismSpecs: PrismSpecs are eyewear accessories that boost Robo’s magic stat. While Robo primarily relies on physical attacks, equipping PrismSpecs enhances the effectiveness of his techs that utilize magic, such as healing and support abilities.
  4. Aeon Suit: The Aeon Suit is a powerful armor that provides significant boosts to Robo’s defense and magic defense. Equipping this item enhances his durability and resistance to physical and magical attacks.
  5. Guardian Helm: The Guardian Helm is a helmet that offers high defense and magic defense bonuses. Equipping it further improves Robo’s overall durability, making him more resilient in battles.
  6. Power Scarf: The Power Scarf is an accessory that increases Robo’s strength stat, boosting the damage output of his regular attacks and techs that rely on physical strength.
  7. Speed Ring: The Speed Ring is an accessory that increases Robo’s speed stat, allowing him to act more quickly in battle. This can be particularly useful for ensuring he acts before enemies and providing tactical advantages.

These are just a few examples of the best items to give to Robo in Chrono Trigger. It’s important to consider his strengths, play style, and the specific challenges ahead when choosing equipment for him. Experimenting with different combinations of weapons, armor, and accessories will allow you to customize Robo to suit your preferred strategy and optimize his effectiveness in combat.

Robo’s Abilities

In Chrono Trigger, Robo possesses a range of unique abilities and techs that make him a versatile and valuable member of the party. Here are some of Robo’s notable abilities:

  1. Rocket Punch: Robo extends his arm to deliver a powerful punch to a single enemy, dealing physical damage. This is one of Robo’s basic techs and is available from the beginning of the game.
  2. Cure Beam: Robo emits a beam of healing energy to restore HP (hit points) to one or all party members, depending on the version of the game. This tech is valuable for keeping the party’s health in good condition during battles.
  3. Laser Spin: Robo spins around rapidly, striking all enemies with lasers, dealing physical damage to multiple targets. This is an area-of-effect tech and is particularly useful against groups of foes.
  4. Heal Beam: Robo emits a beam of healing energy that targets a single party member, restoring a significant amount of HP. This tech is especially useful for healing a single ally in critical condition.
  5. Robo Tackle: Robo charges at a single enemy, inflicting physical damage. This tech has a chance to stun the target, temporarily preventing them from acting.
  6. Uzzi Punch: Robo delivers a flurry of punches to a single enemy, dealing multiple hits of physical damage. This tech has a chance to lower the target’s defense, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks.
  7. Area Bomb: Robo drops a bomb that explodes, damaging all enemies on the battlefield. This is another area-of-effect tech that allows Robo to hit multiple foes at once.
  8. Shock: Robo releases an electrical surge that damages all enemies, dealing lightning-based damage. This tech is effective against enemies weak to lightning.
  9. R-Full Tonic: Robo uses an item called an R-Full Tonic, which restores a significant amount of HP to all party members. This is a powerful healing ability, especially in critical moments.

These are just a few examples of Robo’s abilities and techs in Chrono Trigger. As he levels up and progresses through the game, he may learn additional techs and gain access to stronger abilities, further expanding his combat repertoire. Leveraging Robo’s healing and support techs, as well as his area-of-effect damage, can be key to success in battles throughout the game.

Robo’s Appearance in Game

Robo’s appearance in Chrono Trigger is that of a humanoid robot with a distinctive design. Here is a description of Robo’s appearance:

Robo stands tall with a sturdy and robust build. His body is primarily composed of a sleek goldish metal framework with a glossy finish. He has a humanoid form, featuring two arms, two legs, and a torso.

His head is rounded and encased in a golden helmet-like structure. On the front of his head, he has a pair of large, glowing eyes with a blue hue, which emit a soft light. These eyes give him a distinct and somewhat friendly expression.

Robo’s chest area features a segmented plate design, and his arms are thick and muscular, indicating his strength. He has three-fingered hands with rounded digits, which allow him to interact with objects and perform tasks.

Running along his arms, legs, and torso are various exposed mechanical components, gears, and cables, giving him a visibly mechanical appearance. These details add to his overall robotic aesthetic.

Robo is often seen wearing what looks to be an exhaust vent on his back, this blows smoke out when he moves and completes his attacks.

One of Robo’s arms is actually a gun which helps him in his offensive attacks.

Overall, Robo’s design combines both futuristic and classic robot elements, with a sleek metallic body and a humanoid form. His appearance conveys his role as a mechanical companion and reflects his purpose as a helpful and loyal ally in the adventures of Chrono Trigger.

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