Ayla is a prominent character in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. She is a prehistoric warrior hailing from the primitive era of the game’s world. Here is an overview of who Ayla is:

Ayla is the chief of Ioka Village, a community of cave-dwelling humans in the prehistoric era. She is known for her exceptional physical strength, agility, and combat prowess. Ayla is a fearless and spirited individual, revered by her people for her leadership and hunting skills.

When the main characters of Chrono Trigger, including Crono and his allies, travel back in time to the prehistoric era, they encounter Ayla and witness her formidable abilities firsthand. Impressed by her skills and her desire to protect her tribe, the party recruits Ayla to join their quest to save the world.

Ayla fights primarily using her bare fists and her signature weapon, the “Bronze Fist.” Her fighting style relies on brute strength and agility, allowing her to unleash powerful physical attacks on enemies. Ayla’s unique ability, called “Charm,” enables her to steal items from enemies during battle, which can provide valuable resources for the party.

Beyond her combat prowess, Ayla displays a lively and compassionate personality. She values the bonds of friendship and has a strong sense of justice. Ayla’s presence in the party brings a sense of vitality and a connection to the natural world, as she embodies the raw power and primal instincts of her prehistoric era.

Throughout the game, Ayla’s character evolves as she interacts with the other members of the party and witnesses the various time periods they visit. She learns about the different struggles and triumphs of humanity and becomes an influential figure in the fight against the game’s main antagonist, Lavos.

Ayla’s role in the game showcases the strength, resilience, and wisdom that can be found in even the most primitive of societies. Her inclusion in the party not only contributes to the gameplay dynamics but also adds a unique perspective on human nature and the importance of unity and cooperation in overcoming adversity.

Ayla’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Ayla possesses several strengths and weaknesses that define her role in Chrono Trigger. Here are Ayla’s notable strengths and weaknesses:


  1. Physical Prowess: Ayla is renowned for her extraordinary physical strength and agility. She excels in hand-to-hand combat, delivering powerful and devastating blows to her enemies. Her high attack power allows her to deal substantial damage in battles.
  2. Speed and Evasion: Ayla is incredibly swift and nimble, making her one of the fastest characters in the game. Her high speed stat allows her to act quickly in battles, often acting before enemies and providing tactical advantages. Ayla’s agility also contributes to her ability to evade incoming attacks, reducing the likelihood of being hit.
  3. Charm Ability: Ayla’s unique ability, Charm, allows her to steal items from enemies during battles. This can provide valuable resources, including powerful equipment, restorative items, and even rare and valuable items that cannot be obtained otherwise.
  4. Techs with Special Effects: Ayla has access to a variety of techs that have special effects. For example, her Triple Kick tech can hit multiple enemies in succession, dealing high damage. Ayla also has access to techs like Dino Tail, which can confuse enemies, and Cat Attack, which can put enemies to sleep. These techs provide additional utility in battles.


  1. Lack of Magic Abilities: Ayla does not possess any magic abilities or techs that rely on magic. She primarily relies on physical attacks, which means she lacks the versatility and elemental damage that other characters may offer.
  2. Limited Range Attacks: Ayla’s attacks are mostly close-range and melee-focused. She does not have any long-range or ranged attacks, which can limit her effectiveness against enemies that are positioned far away or flying.
  3. Limited Healing Abilities: Ayla’s healing abilities are limited compared to characters like Marle or Robo, who have access to more potent and versatile healing techs. While Ayla has a few healing techs, her healing capabilities are relatively modest.
  4. Equipment Limitations: Ayla’s equipment options are more limited compared to other characters. She can equip specific types of weapons, such as fists or claws, and a few accessory slots. This restricts her customization options and may require more careful management of her equipment.

Despite her weaknesses, Ayla’s incredible physical strength, speed, and ability to steal items provide her with unique advantages. With proper equipment and skill management, Ayla can be a formidable asset in battles, dealing substantial damage and providing utility to the party.

Ayla’s Stats

In Chrono Trigger, Ayla’s base stats determine her capabilities and effectiveness in battle. Here is a breakdown of Ayla’s base stats:

  1. HP (Hit Points): Ayla has a high base HP stat, making her a durable character capable of absorbing significant damage before being defeated.
  2. MP (Magic Points): Ayla does not have any MP in the game. She relies solely on physical attacks and her unique tech abilities.
  3. Attack: Ayla has a high base attack stat, allowing her to deal substantial damage with her physical attacks. Her punches and kicks can pack a powerful punch, making her a formidable melee combatant.
  4. Defense: Ayla has a moderate base defense stat, providing her with decent protection against physical attacks. While not as tanky as some other characters, she can still withstand a fair amount of damage.
  5. Magic: Ayla does not have any base magic stat since she doesn’t possess any magic abilities. Her strengths lie in physical combat rather than magical attacks.
  6. Speed: Ayla has a high base speed stat, making her one of the fastest characters in the game. Her agility allows her to act quickly in battle, often acting before enemies and providing strategic advantages.
  7. Stamina: Ayla has a moderate base stamina stat, which influences her overall endurance and resistance to status ailments and negative effects. This stat helps her maintain her effectiveness in battles and recover from adverse conditions.
  8. Evade: Ayla has a high base evade stat, indicating that she is agile and has a higher chance of dodging physical attacks compared to other characters. Her quick reflexes and nimbleness make her more likely to avoid incoming damage.
  9. Magic Defense: Ayla has a low base magic defense stat since her focus is on physical combat rather than magic. This makes her more vulnerable to magical attacks from enemies.

It’s important to note that these base stats can be further enhanced and modified through equipment, accessories, and character development. Additionally, as Ayla gains experience points and levels up, her stats will gradually increase, allowing her to become even more powerful and versatile in combat. Players can strategically equip Ayla and allocate stat-boosting items to optimize her strengths and mitigate her weaknesses, tailoring her to their preferred playstyle and party composition.

Best Items for Ayla

In Chrono Trigger, there are several valuable items that can enhance Ayla’s abilities and make her even more effective in battle. Here are some of the best items to consider equipping Ayla with:

  1. Prism Specs: Prism Specs are eyewear accessories that boost Ayla’s magic defense and provide resistance against elemental attacks. Equipping Prism Specs helps Ayla withstand magical assaults more effectively.
  2. Rage Band: The Rage Band is an accessory that increases Ayla’s critical hit rate. This item enhances the chances of Ayla landing critical hits, which can deal significant damage to enemies.
  3. Power Scarf: The Power Scarf is an accessory that increases Ayla’s strength stat. Equipping this item enhances the damage output of her physical attacks, making her punches and kicks even more formidable.
  4. Ruby Vest: The Ruby Vest is a powerful armor that provides significant boosts to Ayla’s defense and magic defense. Equipping this item enhances her durability and resistance to both physical and magical attacks.
  5. Moonbeam Armor: The Moonbeam Armor is a rare and powerful armor that not only increases Ayla’s defense but also grants her resistance against all status ailments. Equipping this item ensures that Ayla remains unaffected by negative status effects in battle.
  6. Swallow: Swallow is a powerful weapon for Ayla, increasing her attack power significantly. It enhances the damage dealt by her physical attacks, making her punches and kicks more potent.
  7. Rock Helm: The Rock Helm is a helmet that provides high defense and magic defense bonuses. Equipping it further improves Ayla’s overall durability, making her more resistant to both physical and magical attacks.

These are just a few examples of the best items to give to Ayla in Chrono Trigger. It’s important to consider her strengths, play style, and the specific challenges ahead when choosing equipment for her. Experimenting with different combinations of weapons, armor, and accessories will allow you to customize Ayla to suit your preferred strategy and optimize her effectiveness in combat.

Ayla’s Abilities

Ayla possesses a variety of unique abilities and techniques in Chrono Trigger. Here are some of Ayla’s notable abilities:

  1. Kiss: Ayla’s basic ability, Kiss, is a healing technique that restores a small amount of HP to a single target. It can be useful for keeping allies’ health topped up during battles.
  2. Charm: Ayla’s signature ability, Charm, allows her to steal items from enemies during combat. She has a chance to take an item from the enemy’s inventory, which can include useful restorative items, equipment, or even rare and valuable items.
  3. Tail Spin: Tail Spin is an area-of-effect attack where Ayla spins around, hitting all enemies with her tail. It deals physical damage to multiple targets and can be effective against groups of foes.
  4. Dino Tail: Dino Tail is a technique that Ayla can learn later in the game. It inflicts physical damage on a single enemy and has a chance to confuse them, causing them to attack their own allies or perform random actions.
  5. Rollo Kick: Rollo Kick is a powerful attack where Ayla delivers a devastating kick to a single enemy. It deals high physical damage and has a chance to knock the target backward, temporarily removing them from battle.
  6. Cat Attack: Cat Attack is a technique that Ayla learns in the game, allowing her to pounce on a single enemy. It deals moderate physical damage and has a chance to put the target to sleep, rendering them temporarily unable to act.
  7. Triple Kick: Triple Kick is a powerful combination attack where Ayla performs three consecutive kicks on a single enemy. Each kick inflicts physical damage, making it a high-damage technique against a single target.
  8. Boulder Toss: Boulder Toss is an ability that Ayla gains access to after defeating a certain boss. It allows her to throw a large boulder at a single enemy, dealing heavy physical damage.

These are just a few examples of Ayla’s abilities in Chrono Trigger. As she levels up and progresses through the game, she may learn additional techniques that further enhance her combat capabilities. Leveraging Ayla’s healing, stealing, and powerful physical attacks can be key to success in battles throughout the game.

Ayla’s Appearance in Game

Ayla’s appearance in Chrono Trigger is that of a strong and agile prehistoric warrior. Here is a description of Ayla’s appearance:

Ayla stands at an average height, with a fit and muscular physique that reflects her physical prowess. She has long, wild, blonde hair that flows freely around her head, reaching down to her shoulders. Her hair is often depicted as a mane, resembling a lions mane almost.

Ayla’s attire consists of a simple and practical outfit suitable for her prehistoric lifestyle. She wears an animal skin top, exposing her muscular arms and shoulders. Her top is purple and made out of fur, reflecting her tribal culture. The top is connected to what looks like an animal tail that she wraps around her neck, that drapes down her shoulder.

Around her waist, wears a short skirt made of the same animal hide, providing her with mobility while showcasing her athleticism.

Ayla’s legs are for the most part pantless, but she wears knee-high boots made of sturdy leather, further reinforcing her role as a capable warrior.

Additionally, Ayla adorns herself with various accessories that reflect her primitive nature. These can include bone or stone necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, all of which showcase her connection to the natural world and her tribal heritage.

Ayla’s appearance exudes strength, confidence, and a deep connection to her prehistoric roots. Her wild hair, tribal attire, and adorned accessories combine to create a distinct and captivating look that reflects her role as a fierce warrior and leader of her tribe.


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