Frog, also known as Glenn, is a playable character in Chrono Trigger. As a knight and a frog-human hybrid, he utilizes water-based magic known as “Water” or “Water-type” magic. Frog’s magic abilities focus on manipulating water and ice to attack enemies and provide support to his allies. Here are some of Frog’s notable water-based magic abilities:

  1. Water: Frog’s basic water magic attack. It launches a watery projectile at a single enemy, dealing water-based damage.
  2. Slurp: This ability allows Frog to heal himself or an ally by absorbing HP from a target. It is particularly useful when low on health during battles.
  3. Slurp Cut: Frog combines his sword attack with a healing effect. It damages enemies and restores HP to Frog and his allies simultaneously.
  4. Water II: Frog’s stronger water-based magic attack. It releases a more powerful surge of water to hit multiple enemies and deals greater damage than the basic Water attack.
  5. Frog Squash: This is Frog’s most powerful physical attack, but it is not a magic spell. However, it is worth mentioning because it harnesses Frog’s affinity with water, as he plunges his sword into the ground, creating a large water column that damages enemies.

These are some of the water-based magic abilities that Frog utilizes in Chrono Trigger. His unique skills and magical attacks make him a versatile character in battle, especially against enemies weak to water or ice-based attacks.

Frog’s Tech Moves

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Slurp110One ally5Restore a small amount of HP to an ally.
Slurp Cut215One Target11Snag an enemy with tongue, then slash it.
Heal210All allies6Restore moderate HP to allies
Leap Slash4250One Target18Leap up and stab an enemy from above.
Cure 25600One ally24Restore a large amount of HP to an ally
Frog Squash151000All targets10Hit all foes. Damage higher when HP is low.

Frog’s Magic Moves

Frog is a water magic user, but because of his physical combat style has only a couple of water attacks. Nonetheless he still packs quite the punch when mismatched with enemies.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Water2Taught in End Of TimeOne target11Attack an enemy with Water.
Water 28400All targets14Attack all enemies with water.

Frog’s Double Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP NeededAttack RangeInfo
X-StrikeCrono + FrogCyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2)One enemyCross-slash an enemy.
Sword StreamCrono + FrogCleave (4), Water (2)One enemyShower enemy in a stream of pain. (Water)
Lightning Rod (Spire)Crono + FrogLightning II (8), Aerial Strike (4)One enemySkewer a foe and hit with lightning. (Light)
Ice WaterMarle + FrogIce (2), Water (2)All enemiesBathe all enemies in an icy shower. (Ice/Water)
Glacial Freeze (Glacier)Marle + FrogIce II (8), Water II (8)One enemyStrike enemy with colossal icicles. (Ice/Water)
Double CureMarle + FrogCure II (5), Cure II (5)All alliesFully restore all allies’ HP and status.
Red Needle (Red Pin)Lucca + FrogFire (2), Aerial Strike (4)One enemyImpale an enemy with a fiery blade. (Fire)
Line BombLucca + FrogMegaton Bomb (15), Aerial Strike (4)Line of enemiesBomb enemies along a horizontal line. (Fire)
Frog FlareLucca + FrogFlare (20), Frog Squash (15)All enemiesHit all foes with two mighty techs. (Fire)
Frog Launcher (Blade Toss)Robo + FrogLaser Spin (3), Slurp Slash (2)Line of enemiesLaunch Frog to strike an enemy.
Bubble Breath (Bubble Snap)Robo + FrogRobo Tackle (4), Water (2)One enemyDrop Robo on an enemy.
Cure WaveRobo + FrogHeal Beam (3), Cure II (5)All alliesRestores a large amount of HP to all allies.

Frog’s Triple Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP NeededAttack RangeInfo
Frost Arc (Arc Impulse)Crono + Marle + FrogCleave (4), Ice II (8), Aerial Strike (4)One enemyStrike an enemy with an icy blade. (Ice)
Delta StormCrono + Lucca + FrogLightning II (8), Fire II (8), Water II (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an elemental blast. (Shadow)
Triple Attack (Triple Raid)Crono + Robo + FrogCyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2), Robo Tackle (4)One enemyHit an enemy with a three-pronged attack.
Spin StrikeFrog + Robo + AylaSlurp Slash (4), Robo Tackle (4), Tail Spin (10)Silver GemstoneHit an enemy with a whirling leap attack.
Master Mune (Grand Dream)Frog + Robo + MarleFrog Squash (15), Laser Spin (3), Arise (15)All enemiesCall upon Masa & Mune to smite enemies

When to have Frog in your Party

In Chrono Trigger, there are several enemies that are weak against water attacks. Frog is the only character that can wield the magic of Water. Here are some examples of enemies that are vulnerable to water-based damage:

  1. Octopods: These enemies can be found in various locations, such as the Fiona’s Forest or the Sunken Desert. They are weak against water-based attacks.
  2. Rubbles: These enemies are encountered in the prehistoric era, particularly in the Tyranno Lair. They have a weakness to water attacks.
  3. Giga Gaia: This boss enemy, fought in the Giant’s Claw, is weak against water-based attacks. Utilizing water abilities or items can be effective against it.
  4. Mud Imps: These enemies can be encountered in places like the Magic Cave or the Lost Sanctum. They are vulnerable to water damage.
  5. Lavos Spawn: These enemies, encountered throughout the game, are weak against water attacks. Utilizing water-based magic or abilities can deal significant damage to them.

Remember that weaknesses and resistances can vary between different enemies, so it’s a good idea to experiment and observe the results of your attacks during battles. Additionally, some enemies may be resistant or immune to water attacks, so it’s important to assess their vulnerabilities and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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