Robo, also known as R-66Y, is a significant character in Chrono Trigger, an iconic role-playing video game. Robo is a robot hailing from the future, specifically the year 2300 AD. He plays a key role in the game’s storyline and is a member of the game’s protagonist party.

Robo’s abilities and skills as a robot make him an invaluable asset to the party. He is skilled in combat, utilizing a variety of techs (techniques) to engage in battles. Robo’s role as a support character is emphasized through his healing abilities, providing essential support and restoration to the party members.

Robo’s Tech Moves

Robo is a great character in the game not only for his funny personality, but also because he is extremely powerful and is also a great support player. We learn in the game that robo does not have the ability to learn magic attacks, but he does have moves that are considered magic attacks. What makes him a great character is his extremely diverse tech moves that pack a lot of punch and hit very hard.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Rocket Punch1N/AOne enemy11Launch fist at an enemy.
Cure Beam2N/AOne ally14Restore a small amount of HP to an ally.
Robo Tackle4150One enemy21Charge and attack an enemy.
Heal Beam3400All allies10Restore a small amount of HP to all allies.
Rapid-fire Fist (Uzzi Punch)12600One enemy25Barrage an enemy with rocket punches.

Robo’s Magic Moves

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Laser Spin35All enemies10Attack all enemies with laser. (Shadow)
Proximity Bomb (Area Bomb)14800Enemies close to Robo30Blast surrounding enemies. (Fire)
Electrocute (Shock)171,000All enemies40Zap all enemies with electricity. (Light)

Robo’s Double Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
Supersonic Spin (Rocket Roll)Crono + RoboCyclone (2), Laser Spin (3)All enemiesAttack all enemies with laser. (Shadow)
Cyclone Sweep (Max Cyclone)Crono + RoboCleave (4), Laser Spin (3)Enemies near RoboSpin Crono through enemies.
Megavolt (Super Volt)Crono + RoboLightning II (8), Electrocute (17)All enemiesAttack all enemies with electricity. (Light)
Aura BeamMarle + RoboAura (1), Cure Beam (2)All alliesRestore a small amount of HP to all allies.
Ice TackleMarle + RoboIce (4), Robo Tackle (2)One enemyAttack enemy with glacial ice. (Ice)
Fire PunchLucca + RoboFire (2), Rocket Punch (1)Circle of enemiesBurn foes in circle with fiery punch. (Fire)
Fire TackleLucca + RoboFire II (8), Robo Tackle (4)One enemyAttack enemy with flames. (Fire)
Frog Launcher (Blade Toss)Robo + FrogLaser Spin (3), Slurp Slash (2)Line of enemiesLaunch Frog to strike an enemy.
Bubble Breath (Bubble Snap)Robo + FrogRobo Tackle (4), Water (2)One enemyDrop Robo on an enemy.
Cure WaveRobo + FrogHeal Beam (3), Cure II (5)All alliesRestores a large amount of HP to all allies.
BoogieRobo + AylaRobo Tackle (4), Charm (4)All enemiesInflict Stop on all enemies.
Spin KickRobo + AylaRobo Tackle (4), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyHit an enemy with a spinning kick.
Beast TossRobo + AylaRapid-fire Fist (12), Boulder Toss (4)One enemyThrow an enemy around.

Robo’s Triple Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
LifelineCrono + Marle + RoboCyclone (2), Arise (15), Laser Spin (3)All alliesGrant all allies a one-time auto-revive.
Ring of Fire (Fire Zone)Crono + Lucca + RoboCleave (4), Fire II (8), Laser Spin (3)Enemies near RoboSpin Crono through enemies. (Fire)
Triple Attack (Triple Raid)Crono + Robo + FrogCyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2), Robo Tackle (4)One enemyHit an enemy with a three-pronged attack.
TwisterCrono + Robo + AylaCyclone (2), Laser Spin (3), Tail Spin (10)All enemiesHit all foes with a whirling tornado. (Shadow)
Omega FlareLucca + Robo + MagusFlare (20), Laser Spin (3), Dark Bomb (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an amplified laser. (Shadow)
Spin StrikeFrog + Robo + AylaSlurp Slash (4), Robo Tackle (4), Tail Spin (10)One enemyHit an enemy with a whirling leap attack.
Master Mune (Grand Dream)Frog + Robo + MarleFrog Squash (15), Laser Spin (3), Arise (15)All enemiesCall upon Masa & Mune to smite enemies

When to have Robo in your Party

Robo can be a valuable member of your party in Chrono Trigger, and there are several situations where he can be particularly useful. Here are some instances where you might want to consider using Robo:

  1. Against Mechanical Enemies: Robo’s attacks and techs are particularly effective against mechanical or robotic enemies. These foes are often vulnerable to his abilities, making him a strong choice when facing them.
  2. Healing Support: Robo possesses several healing techs, such as Cure Beam and Heal Beam, which can restore HP to your party members. If you need additional healing support, Robo can be a reliable choice to keep your team healthy during battles.
  3. Area of Effect (AoE) Damage: Robo has techs like Laser Spin and Area Bomb that deal damage to multiple enemies at once. If you’re facing groups of enemies or in situations where AoE damage is advantageous, Robo can be a good option to unleash his powerful attacks.
  4. Synergy with Other Characters: Certain combinations of characters can create powerful dual or triple techs, which are special combined attacks. Robo can participate in several of these techs, such as Fire Whirl (with Crono and Lucca) and Gatling Kick (with Crono and Ayla). If you have a specific party setup and want to maximize the use of dual or triple techs, including Robo in your party can open up more strategic options.
  5. Utility Techs: Robo has some techs that offer utility in battle. For example, his Robo Tackle tech can stun enemies, temporarily incapacitating them. This can be useful for crowd control or buying time to heal or deal with other threats.

Ultimately, the choice of which characters to use in Chrono Trigger depends on your playstyle, the enemies you’re facing, and the strategies you prefer. Robo brings a mix of offensive and support capabilities, making him a versatile character to have in your party. Experiment with different character combinations and techs to find the ones that suit your playstyle and optimize your party’s effectiveness in various situations.

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