Magus’ Tech and Magic Guide

Magus, one of the main characters in Chrono Trigger, is a powerful wizard who specializes in dark magic. As a skilled sorcerer, Magus wields destructive and offensive spells that can deal significant damage to enemies. Here are some examples of the magic Magus can use:

  1. Dark Magic: Magus is known for his proficiency in dark elemental magic. He has access to a range of dark spells that can inflict heavy damage on multiple enemies or single targets. Some of his notable dark magic spells include Dark Bomb, Dark Matter, Black Hole, and Dark Mist.
  2. Shadow Magic: In addition to dark magic, Magus also has a unique set of shadow-based spells. These spells often have utility effects, such as causing status ailments or hindering enemy abilities. Examples of his shadow magic spells include Shadow Doom, Shadow Flare, and Shadow Shield.
  3. Elemental Magic: While Magus primarily focuses on dark and shadow magic, he also has limited access to elemental magic spells. He can cast elemental spells like Ice, Fire, and Lightning, though his proficiency in these areas is not as pronounced as his dark magic abilities.
  4. Dual Techs: In Chrono Trigger, characters can perform powerful combo attacks called Dual Techs by combining their abilities with another party member. Magus has several unique Dual Techs, such as Dark Eternal with Frog and Dark Matter with Lucca. These combo attacks often showcase Magus’s dark magic prowess in devastating fashion.

Magus’s dark magic abilities make him a formidable offensive spellcaster. His wide range of damaging spells and utility effects make him an excellent choice for dealing with enemies weak against dark magic or for unleashing devastating attacks in boss battles. However, it’s worth noting that Magus is a late-game character, and you may need to progress through the story to recruit him into your party.

Magus’ Tech Moves

Magus is a very strong magic user, and his move set shows it, his tech moves are very light, but fear not, as his magic attacks will be better in battle for you.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerIn
Barrier (Magic Wall)8400One allyN/ABoost ally’s Magic Defense.
Black Hole15900One enemyN/AAttempt to banish enemies within a circle.

Magus’ Magic Moves

Where Magus really shines is his Magic attacks, his magic attacks are very strong and will devastate enemies who are weak against him.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Lightning II (Lightning 2)8N/AAll enemies18Attack all enemies with lightning. (Light)
Ice II (Ice 2)8N/AAll enemies18Attack all enemies with ice. (Water)
Fire II (Fire 2)8N/AAll enemies18Attack all enemies with fire. (Fire)
Dark Bomb8400Circle of enemies25Bomb enemies within a circle. (Shadow)
Dark Mist10400All enemies25Attack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)
Dark Matter20900All enemies38Attack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)

Magus’ Double Techs

Unfortunately Magus does not have any double techs in the game. This may be because he joins the party later on in the game and does not build a bond with the others. He is what you would call, not a team player. Fear not though, his high-level magic attacks are enough to power through your enemies with.

Magus’ Triple Techs

Magus learns to play nice when you have some items, in order for Magus to perform triple techs with the team you will need to have the black and blue gemstones. This will allow him to play with the rest of the party and perform severe damage to your enemies.

Tech Move
Characters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
Eternal Darkness (Dark Eternal)Magus + Marle + LuccaDark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)All enemiesAttack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)
Omega FlareLucca + Robo + MagusFlare (20), Laser Spin (3), Dark Bomb (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an amplified laser. (Shadow)

When to have Magus in your Party

Magus is a versatile character in Chrono Trigger and can be valuable in various situations. Here are some instances where you might consider using Magus in your party:

  • Boss Battles: Magus excels in dealing high damage to single targets, making him an excellent choice for boss battles. His powerful dark magic spells can inflict significant damage and potentially exploit elemental weaknesses. Use Magus when you encounter tough bosses that require heavy firepower to defeat.
  • Enemy Weaknesses: Magus’s dark magic can be particularly effective against enemies that are weak to dark elemental attacks. If you encounter foes that have a vulnerability to dark magic, having Magus in your party can give you a strategic advantage and help you dispatch them quickly.
  • Crowd Control: Some of Magus’s spells have area-of-effect damage or utility effects that can control groups of enemies. If you’re facing encounters with multiple enemies or situations where crowd control is important, Magus’s spells like Dark Bomb or Black Hole can help you thin out enemy ranks or disrupt their actions.

Remember that party composition in Chrono Trigger is flexible, and the choice of characters depends on your playstyle and the challenges you face. Magus’s offensive spellcasting and unique abilities make him a compelling option for dealing heavy damage and exploiting enemy weaknesses. However, feel free to experiment with different party combinations to find the team that suits your preferred strategies and tactics.

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