Ayla, the feisty cave woman from the classic video game Chrono Trigger, does not possess magical abilities like the other main characters in the game. Instead, she relies on her physical strength and combat skills to defeat enemies. Ayla is a prehistoric warrior from the primitive era, known as the “Ioka Tribe Chief,” and she excels in hand-to-hand combat using her fists and various weapons such as clubs.

Ayla’s unique ability is called “Charm,” which allows her to steal items and techniques from enemies during battles. This ability enables her to learn enemy skills and use them against her foes, adding an element of versatility to her fighting style.

While Ayla doesn’t have access to traditional magic spells, her raw physical prowess and the Charm ability make her a formidable and valuable member of the player’s party in Chrono Trigger.

Ayla’s Tech Moves

Ayla is unique in a way as she is the only useable character in Chrono Trigger that does not have a magic attack in her arsenal. In the game you learn that she is not able to learn magic as she was born before magic was created.

What she does possess is a very strong set of tech moves that make her a really physical and strong opponent for her enemies.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Kiss110One ally14Lightly heal ally and restore status.
Roundillo Kick (Rollo Kick)260One enemy14Jump-kick an enemy.
Cat Attack3100One enemy20Savagely claw an enemy.
Boulder Toss (Rock Throw)4200One enemy30Lob an enemy as if it were a stone.
Charm4400One enemyN/ASeduce an enemy to obtain an item.
Tail Spin10600Enemies near Ayla40Spin and strike surrounding enemies.
Dino Tail15800All enemies9Hit all foes. Damage higher when HP is low.
Triple Kick201000One enemy37Kick an enemy 3 times.

Ayla’s Double Techs

Ayla is great to have in your party as she is able to perform some really powerful double techs that you use to beat your opponents.

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
Drill KickCrono + AylaCyclone (2), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyStrike an enemy with a penetrating kick.
Thunder Chomp (Volt Bite)Crono + AylaLightning (2), Cat Attack (3)One enemyDeliver a charged bite to an enemy. (Light)
Falcon Strike (Falcon Hit)Crono + AylaCleave (4), Boulder Toss (4)Horizontal lineStrike along horizontal line through enemy.
Twin CharmMarle + AylaAllure (1), Charm (4)One enemyDistract and steal from an enemy.
Ice TossMarle + AylaIce (2), Boulder Toss (4)Circle of enemiesLob ice at enemies in a circle. (Ice)
Iceberg Toss (Cube Toss)Marle + AylaIce II (8), Boulder Toss (4)Circle of enemiesLob iceberg to hit foes in a circle. (Ice)
Flame KickLucca + AylaFire (2), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyStrike an enemy with a fiery kick. (Fire)
Inferno (Fire Whirl)Lucca + AylaFire II (8), Tail Spin (10)All enemiesEngulf enemies in whirling flame. (Fire)
Blaze KickLucca + AylaFire II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike an enemy with a fiery triple kick. (Fire)
BoogieRobo + AylaRobo Tackle (4), Charm (4)All enemiesInflict Stop on all enemies.
Spin KickRobo + AylaRobo Tackle (4), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyHit an enemy with a spinning kick.
Beast TossRobo + AylaRapid-fire Fist (12), Boulder Toss (4)One enemyThrow an enemy around.
Slurp KissFrog + AylaSlurp (1), Kiss (1)All alliesFully restore all allies’ HP and status.
Bubble Burst (Bubble Hit)Frog + AylaWater (2), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyDrop Ayla on an enemy.
Dropdown (Drop Kick)Frog + AylaAerial Strike (4), Triple Kick (20)One enemySlam into an enemy from above.

Ayla’s Triple Attacks

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
Final KickCrono + Marle + AylaLightning II (8), Ice II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike a foe with an elemental kick. (Shadow)
Gatling KickCrono + Lucca + AylaLightning II (8), Fire II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike a foe with an elemental kick. (Shadow)
TwisterCrono + Robo + AylaCyclone (2), Laser Spin (3), Tail Spin (10)All enemiesHit all foes with a whirling tornado. (Shadow)
3-D Attack (3D Attack)Crono + Frog + AylaCyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2), Triple Kick (20)One enemyHit an enemy with a triple attack.
Spin StrikeFrog + Robo + AylaSlurp Slash (4), Robo Tackle (4), Tail Spin (10)One enemyHit an enemy with a whirling leap attack.
Poyozo DanceMarle + Lucca + AylaAllure (1), Hypnowave (1), Triple Kick (20)All enemiesConfuse all enemies and hit with ??? magic.

When to have Ayla in your Party

Ayla is a versatile character in Chrono Trigger and can be useful in a variety of situations. Here are some instances where you might consider using Ayla in your party:

  1. Physical Combat: Ayla excels in hand-to-hand combat and deals high physical damage. If you’re facing enemies that are weak against physical attacks or have high physical defense, Ayla can be a great choice to deliver powerful blows.
  2. Stealing Items and Techniques: Ayla’s Charm ability allows her to steal items and learn enemy skills during battles. This can be especially useful when facing tough enemies or bosses, as you can acquire unique items or gain access to powerful enemy techniques by using Charm.
  3. Healing Support: While Ayla doesn’t have traditional healing magic, she has access to her unique skill called “Kiss,” which restores HP to a single ally. It can be handy in situations where you need a quick healing option without relying on dedicated healers.
  4. Combo Attacks: Chrono Trigger features a combo system where certain combinations of characters’ skills can unleash devastating combo attacks. Ayla is part of several powerful combo attacks, such as “Falcon Hit” with Crono and “Boogie” with Frog. Using Ayla in these combos can deal significant damage to enemies.
  5. Prehistoric Era: Ayla hails from the prehistoric era, and there are specific story segments and areas in the game where her knowledge and abilities become particularly relevant. Having Ayla in your party during these sections can enhance the immersion and provide unique dialogue options.

Ultimately, the choice of characters in your party depends on your preferred playstyle and the challenges you face. Experiment with different combinations and see how Ayla’s physical prowess, Charm ability, and unique skills fit into your overall strategy in Chrono Trigger.

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