In the game Chrono Trigger, Marle (whose full name is Princess Nadia) is a character who specializes in using magic spells. Her magical abilities are focused primarily on healing and support but she is an ice based magic user. Here are the types of magic Marle can use:

  1. Ice Magic: Marle can cast various ice-based spells, such as Ice, Ice II, and Ice II. These spells allow her to deal ice damage to enemies and potentially freeze them, reducing their ability to act in battle.
  2. Healing Magic: Marle is proficient in restorative magic, allowing her to heal the party’s wounds. She possesses spells like Heal, Cure, and Cure II, which can restore HP (Hit Points) to the party members and cure status ailments.
  3. Support Magic: Marle also possesses spells that enhance the party’s abilities. For example, her Haste spell can increase the speed of allies, allowing them to take more actions in battle. She also has access to spells like Aura, which restores a character’s MP (Magic Points) over time.
  4. Dual Techs: In Chrono Trigger, characters can perform powerful combination attacks called Dual Techs by combining their abilities. Marle has several Dual Techs with other characters that utilize her ice and healing magic, such as Antipode (with Crono) and Ice Sword (with Frog).

Marle’s magical abilities make her a valuable asset in battle, as she can heal and support the party while also dealing damage to enemies.

Marle’s Tech Moves

In Chrono Trigger, Marle is considered a valuable support ally, she is great for healing party members.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Aura110One ally5Restores a small amount of HP for ally.
Allure(Provoke)150One targetN/AConfuse an enemy.
Cure2150One ally14Restore moderate HP for ally.
Haste6250One allyN/AHalf time between turns for an ally.
Cure 25600One ally24Restore large portion of HP to an ally.
Arise(Life 2)15900One allyN/ARevive and full heal ally.

Marle’s Magic Moves

Marle’s physical attacks are very weak in nature as she is more of a supporting character. Where Marle excels though is her Magic moves, her specialty is Ice attacks which can be very powerful against the correct matchups.

Tech MoveMP UseTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Ice2Taught at End of Time.One target11Attacks target with ice.
Ice 28400All targets

Marle’s Double Techs

As mentioned earlier, Marle is a great character to have on your team as she is one if not the best support characters due to her ally friendly tech moves.

When it comes to double techs Marle is able to pair up with most members of the gang and perform a double tech combo.

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP neededAttack RangeInfo
Aura WhirlCrono + MarleCyclone (2), Aura (1)All alliesRestore a small amount of HP to all allies.
Ice SwordCrono + MarleCleave (4), Ice (2)One enemyStrike a foe with an enchanted blade. (Ice)
Ice Sword II (Ice Sword 2)Crono + MarleFrenzy (12), Ice II (8)Circle of enemiesHit all foes in circle with spellblade. (Ice)
Antipode Bomb (Antipode)Marle + LuccaIce (2), Fire (2)Circle of enemiesHit enemies in a circle with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Antipode Bomb II (Antipode 2)Marle + LuccaIce II (8), Fire II (8)Circle of enemiesHit enemies in a circle with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Antipode Bomb III (Antipode 3)Marle + LuccaIce II (8), Flare (20)All enemiesHit all enemies with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Aura BeamMarle + RoboAura (1), Cure Beam (2)All alliesRestore a small amount of HP to all allies.
Ice TackleMarle + RoboIce (4), Robo Tackle (2)One enemyAttack enemy with glacial ice. (Ice)
Cure Wind (Cure Touch)Marle + RoboCure II (5), Heal Beam (3)All alliesRestores a large amount of HP to all allies.
Ice WaterMarle + FrogIce (2), Water (2)All enemiesBathe all enemies in an icy shower. (Ice/Water)
Glacial Freeze (Glacier)Marle + FrogIce II (8), Water II (8)One enemyStrike enemy with colossal icicles. (Ice/Water)
Double CureMarle + FrogCure II (5), Cure II (5)All alliesFully restore all allies’ HP and status.
Twin CharmMarle + AylaAllure (1), Charm (4)One enemyDistract and steal from an enemy.
Ice TossMarle + AylaIce (2), Boulder Toss (4)Circle of enemiesLob ice at enemies in a circle. (Ice)
Iceberg Toss (Cube Toss)Marle + AylaIce II (8), Boulder Toss (4)Circle of enemiesLob iceberg to hit foes in a circle. (Ice)

Marle’s Triple Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTp NeededAttack RangeInfo
Delta ForceCrono + Marle + LuccaLightning II (8), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an elemental blast. (Shadow)
LifelineCrono + Marle + RoboCyclone (2), Arise (15), Laser Spin (3)All alliesGrant all allies a one-time auto-revive.
Frost Arc (Arc Impulse)Crono + Marle + FrogCleave (4), Ice II (8), Aerial Strike (4)One enemyStrike an enemy with an icy blade. (Ice)
Final KickCrono + Marle + AylaLightning II (8), Ice II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike a foe with an elemental kick. (Shadow)
Eternal Darkness (Dark Eternal)Magus + Marle + LuccaDark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)All enemiesAttack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)
Poyozo DanceMarle + Lucca + AylaAllure (1), Hypnowave (1), Triple Kick (20)All enemiesConfuse all enemies and hit with ??? magic.
Master Mune (Grand Dream)Frog + Robo + MarleFrog Squash (15), Laser Spin (3), Arise (15)All enemiesCall upon Masa & Mune to smite enemies

When to have Marle in your Party

In Chrono Trigger, there are several enemies that are vulnerable to ice-based attacks. Marle being the only Ice user in the game it would be a good idea to have her in the party when facing these enemies. Using ice-based abilities against these enemies can be particularly effective, inflicting additional damage or exploiting weaknesses. Here are some examples of enemy types that are commonly vulnerable to ice:

  1. Blue and Red Imps: These small imp enemies are weak against ice attacks.
  2. Blue and Red Eaglets: Eaglets are bird-like enemies found in various areas of the game, and they are susceptible to ice damage.
  3. Megasaur: This dinosaur enemy is weak against ice-based attacks.
  4. Masa & Mune: The twin sword spirits are vulnerable to ice-based attacks.
  5. Heckran: This boss enemy encountered in the Mystic Mountains is weak against ice.
  6. Son of Sun: This fiery enemy is vulnerable to ice damage.
  7. Ice-related enemies: Many ice-based enemies, such as the Ice Bat, Ice Sculpture, and Freezable enemies, are naturally weak against ice attacks.

It’s important to note that not all enemies in Chrono Trigger have elemental vulnerabilities, and some enemies may even resist or nullify ice-based attacks. Additionally, certain bosses and powerful enemies may have specific elemental resistances or weaknesses that differ from the norm. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to assess the situation and adjust your strategy accordingly in battles.

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