Magus is a significant character in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. Initially portrayed as a powerful and mysterious antagonist, Magus plays a pivotal role in the game’s storyline. Here is an overview of who Magus is:

Magus, whose real name is Janus, is a powerful sorcerer from the Kingdom of Zeal, a mystical civilization in the game’s world. He possesses incredible magical abilities and is known as the Prophet by the people of his time. Magus seeks to destroy Lavos, the malevolent creature responsible for wreaking havoc on the world.

In the game’s narrative, Magus initially appears as an antagonist, leading a mystical cult and orchestrating various events to fulfill his dark objectives. He is driven by a deep-seated hatred for Lavos, as the creature was responsible for the tragic fate of his sister, Schala, and the downfall of his kingdom.

As the story progresses, the player’s party learns more about Magus’ past and motivations. Magus is revealed to be Janus, the young prince of Zeal who made a pact with Lavos in a desperate attempt to gain power and save his sister. However, this pact corrupted him, transforming him into the powerful sorcerer known as Magus.

Through the course of the game, Magus’s role evolves as he becomes a playable character and an essential ally to the main characters. Despite his dark demeanor and history, Magus harbors a deep desire for revenge against Lavos and is willing to join forces with the party to achieve that goal.

Magus is a complex character with a brooding and enigmatic personality. He is deeply intelligent and possesses immense magical abilities, wielding destructive spells and curses against his enemies. His skills make him a formidable asset in battle, dealing heavy magical damage and providing unique utility to the party.

Magus’ inclusion in the party brings a unique perspective to the group dynamics, as he struggles with his own personal demons while aligning with the cause to defeat Lavos. His presence adds depth to the game’s narrative, exploring themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the consequences of seeking power at any cost.

Throughout the game, the player has the opportunity to explore Magus’ complex storyline, uncover his true motivations, and witness his personal growth as he confronts his past and ultimately faces his nemesis, Lavos.

Magus’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Magus possesses several strengths and weaknesses that define his role in Chrono Trigger. Here are Magus’ notable strengths and weaknesses:


  1. Powerful Magic: Magus is renowned for his immense magical abilities. He excels in offensive magic, with access to devastating spells that deal high elemental damage to enemies. His repertoire includes spells like Dark Matter, Ice, and Lightning, making him a formidable magic user.
  2. High Magic Attack: Magus has a high base Magic Attack stat, which enhances the potency of his magical spells. This allows him to inflict significant damage on enemies vulnerable to magic.
  3. Dark Arts: Magus specializes in dark magic, which often bypasses enemy defenses and can exploit elemental weaknesses. This gives him an advantage against certain enemies and allows him to deal consistent damage.
  4. Versatility: Magus can learn a wide range of magic spells, including offensive, supportive, and elemental spells. This versatility allows him to adapt to different battle situations and provide strategic options to the party.
  5. Equipment Options: Magus can equip various weapons, including scythes and rods, which can enhance his magical abilities or provide additional effects. This flexibility allows players to tailor Magus’ equipment to suit their preferred playstyle.


  1. Low Physical Defense: Magus has a low base Defense stat, making him vulnerable to physical attacks. He is not built to withstand heavy physical damage and may require additional protection or support from other party members.
  2. Limited Healing Abilities: Magus lacks access to dedicated healing magic. While he can learn a few supportive spells like Heal and Life, his healing capabilities are limited compared to dedicated healers like Marle or Robo.
  3. Limited Utility: Magus’s utility outside of combat is limited. He does not possess any unique field abilities or support skills that can assist with exploration or puzzle-solving, unlike some other characters in the game.
  4. Vulnerability to Status Effects: Magus has average resistance to status ailments. He is not immune to negative effects like poison or status ailments inflicted by enemies, which can hinder his effectiveness in battle.

It’s important to note that Chrono Trigger offers a flexible party system, allowing players to mix and match characters to create a balanced team. Combining Magus’s offensive magic with other party members’ strengths can mitigate his weaknesses and maximize his potential.

Magus’ Stats

In Chrono Trigger, Magus has the following base stats:

  1. HP (Hit Points): Magus has a moderate base HP stat, which determines his maximum health. While not the sturdiest character, he can still withstand a decent amount of damage.
  2. MP (Magic Points): Magus has a high base MP stat, which represents his magical energy. He relies heavily on MP to cast spells and perform magical abilities.
  3. Attack: Magus has a moderate base Attack stat, reflecting his proficiency in offensive magic rather than physical strength. His attack power primarily comes from his magical spells rather than physical attacks.
  4. Defense: Magus has a moderate base Defense stat, providing him with average protection against physical attacks. However, his focus is on offensive magic rather than defense, so he may be more vulnerable to physical damage compared to some other characters.
  5. Magic: Magus has a high base Magic stat, reflecting his exceptional magical abilities. His spells are potent and deal high elemental damage to enemies. Magus excels in offensive magic and can unleash devastating spells upon his foes.
  6. Speed: Magus has a moderate base Speed stat, determining his agility and turn order in battles. While not the fastest character, he can act swiftly and effectively during combat.
  7. Stamina: Magus has a moderate base Stamina stat, which affects his endurance and resistance to negative status effects. It helps him withstand certain ailments and maintain his effectiveness in battles.
  8. Evade: Magus has an average base Evade stat, which determines his ability to dodge incoming physical attacks. While not particularly evasive, he can still avoid some attacks with reasonable success.
  9. Magic Defense: Magus has a high base Magic Defense stat, reflecting his proficiency in magic. He has good resistance against magical attacks, making him more resilient against spells compared to physical attacks.

These base stats can be further influenced by equipment, accessories, and character development as the game progresses. It’s essential to consider Magus’s strengths and weaknesses when choosing equipment and optimizing his stats to suit your preferred playstyle and party composition.

In Chrono Trigger, there are several valuable items that can enhance Magus’s abilities and make him even more powerful in battle. Here are some of the best items to consider equipping Magus with:

  1. Magic Scythe: The Magic Scythe is Magus’s ultimate weapon, providing a significant boost to his magical attack power. Equipping this weapon enhances the damage output of his spells, making him a devastating spellcaster.
  2. Black Rock: The Black Rock is an accessory that increases Magus’s magic defense and grants resistance to dark-elemental attacks. Equipping this item enhances Magus’s resilience against magical assaults and makes him more durable against dark-based enemies.
  3. Black Vest: The Black Vest is a powerful armor that provides substantial boosts to Magus’s defense and magic defense. Equipping this item enhances his overall durability, making him more resistant to both physical and magical attacks.
  4. Prism Specs: Prism Specs are eyewear accessories that boost Magus’s magic attack and increase his critical hit rate. Equipping Prism Specs enhances the potency of his spells and increases the chances of landing critical hits, dealing even more damage.
  5. Dark Mail: The Dark Mail is a rare and powerful armor that provides significant boosts to Magus’s defense and magic defense. Equipping this item enhances his durability and resistance to both physical and magical attacks.
  6. Hero’s Badge: The Hero’s Badge is an accessory that increases Magus’s HP and MP, allowing him to cast more spells and sustain longer in battles. Equipping this item enhances his overall survivability and magical prowess.
  7. Magic Ring: The Magic Ring is an accessory that boosts Magus’s magic defense and MP regeneration rate. Equipping this item allows him to recover MP faster, ensuring he can cast spells more frequently in battle.
  8. Barrier Ring: The Barrier Ring is an accessory that increases Magus’s magic defense and provides resistance against various status ailments. Equipping this item makes Magus more resilient against debilitating effects and allows him to maintain his effectiveness in battles.

These are just a few examples of the best items to give to Magus in Chrono Trigger. It’s important to consider his strengths, play style, and the specific challenges ahead when choosing equipment for him. Experimenting with different combinations of weapons, armor, and accessories will allow you to customize Magus to suit your preferred strategy and optimize his effectiveness in combat.

Magus’ Abilities

Magus possesses a range of unique abilities and spells in Chrono Trigger that make him a formidable character in battle. Here are some of Magus’s notable abilities:

  1. Dark Matter: Magus’s signature ability, Dark Matter, is a powerful dark-elemental spell that deals heavy magical damage to all enemies. It is one of his strongest offensive spells and can be devastating against groups of foes.
  2. Dark Bomb: Dark Bomb is a mid-level dark-elemental spell that targets a single enemy. It inflicts moderate magical damage and has a chance to reduce the target’s defense, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks.
  3. Black Hole: Black Hole is a powerful dark-elemental spell that damages all enemies and has a chance to inflict the “Chaos” status effect, which confuses the targets and causes them to attack randomly.
  4. Magic Wall: Magic Wall is a supportive spell that creates a barrier around the party, increasing their magic defense and reducing the damage taken from magical attacks. It provides valuable protection against enemy spellcasters.
  5. Magic Seal: Magic Seal is a unique ability that Magus possesses. When used, it nullifies the magical abilities of all enemies for a short period, rendering them unable to cast spells. This ability can be particularly useful in disabling powerful enemy spellcasters.
  6. Dark Mist: Dark Mist is a dark-elemental ability that Magus learns later in the game. It damages all enemies and has a chance to inflict the “Stop” status effect, temporarily halting their actions in battle.
  7. Lavos Barrier: Lavos Barrier is a powerful ability that Magus gains access to in the final battle against Lavos. It erects a barrier around the party, nullifying Lavos’s devastating attacks and providing temporary invincibility.

Magus primarily excels in offensive dark magic, and his spells can deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at once. His abilities make him a potent spellcaster capable of turning the tide of battle. It’s important to strategically use his spells and abilities to exploit enemy weaknesses and maximize his effectiveness in combat.

Magus’ Appearance in Game

In the game Chrono Trigger, Magus has a distinct and recognizable appearance. Here’s a description of Magus’s in-game portrayal:

Magus is depicted as a tall, imposing figure with a dark and mysterious demeanor. He has long, flowing, dark blue hair that reaches his shoulders and frames his face. His hair is often depicted as slightly messy, giving him a somewhat wild and untamed look.

Magus wears a long, dark purple cloak that billows around him, reaching down to his ankles. The cloak has a high collar that partially obscures his face, adding to his enigmatic appearance. The inner lining of the cloak is often depicted as a vibrant shade of red, providing a striking contrast to the darkness of his outfit.

Underneath his cloak, Magus wears a black, high-collared tunic that covers most of his torso. The tunic is adorned with golden trimmings and intricate designs, adding an air of regality to his appearance. He also wears black pants and tall, dark boots that complete his ensemble.

Magus’s face is often shown with a serious expression, accentuated by his piercing red eyes, which give him an intense and focused gaze. He has pale skin and prominent features, including a defined jawline and high cheekbones.

Overall, Magus’s in-game appearance exudes an aura of power, mystery, and darkness. His distinctive outfit, flowing hair, and intense gaze make him a visually striking character in the world of Chrono Trigger.

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