Belthasar is a character in the game Chrono Trigger. He is one of the three Gurus who lived during the Kingdom of Zeal in the Antiquity era, approximately 12,000 BC. Belthasar is known as the Guru of Reason and is highly intelligent and knowledgeable.

Belthasar plays a significant role in the game’s storyline. He was one of the architects and advisors to Queen Zeal and helped develop the advanced technology of the Kingdom of Zeal. However, he eventually grew disillusioned with the queen’s actions and the abuse of power in the kingdom.

Belthasar foresaw the eventual destruction of Zeal and the rise of Lavos, an extraterrestrial entity that threatens the world. To counter this threat, he created the Mammon Machine and the Ocean Palace as part of his plan to defeat Lavos.

In the game, Belthasar is not directly encountered as a living character but is referenced and his inventions are encountered throughout different time periods. His influence is seen through various devices and mechanisms he left behind, including the Epoch time-traveling machine and the Frozen Flame, which holds significant power.

Overall, Belthasar is a key figure in the backstory and mythology of Chrono Trigger, and his actions have a lasting impact on the game’s events.

Notable Moments

In Chrono Trigger, Belthasar is not physically present as a character throughout the game. However, his influence and legacy can be seen in various parts of the game. Here are some notable instances where Belthasar’s presence or creations are encountered:

  1. The Epoch: The time-traveling airship, the Epoch, is one of Belthasar’s inventions. It allows the main characters to traverse different time periods and play a crucial role in the game’s plot.
  2. The Mammon Machine: Belthasar created the Mammon Machine, a device that harnesses the power of Lavos. It is used by the Queen of Zeal to tap into Lavos’s power, which eventually leads to catastrophic events.
  3. The Ocean Palace: Belthasar designed and constructed the Ocean Palace, a floating palace that houses the Mammon Machine. The party infiltrates this location to stop the Queen of Zeal’s plans and confront Lavos.
  4. The “Record of Fate”: In the Black Omen dungeon, there is a device called the “Record of Fate” that allows the party to view key moments from different timelines. It is implied that this device was created by Belthasar to help the player understand the larger narrative.
  5. The Keeper’s Dome: The Keeper’s Dome, an ancient facility, contains a holographic projection of Belthasar. This projection serves as a guide, providing information about Lavos and the party’s mission.
  6. The Dreamstone: Belthasar’s name is mentioned in relation to the Dreamstone, an important plot element. He is believed to have used the Dreamstone to create the Time Egg, an artifact needed to reach the game’s final boss.

Although Belthasar himself does not appear as a physical character, his inventions and influence play a significant role in shaping the game’s narrative and providing the means for the party’s time-traveling adventures.

Belthasar’s Appearance in Game

In Chrono Trigger, there is no direct in-game representation or visual depiction of Belthasar. As mentioned earlier, Belthasar does not physically appear as a character in the game. Instead, his presence is mainly conveyed through his creations, devices, and his influence on the game’s plot.

However, in some adaptations and artwork associated with Chrono Trigger, Belthasar is often portrayed as an older man with a distinguished appearance. He is typically depicted with long, white hair and a beard, wearing intricate robes or a cloak befitting his role as a sage or guru.

It’s important to note that these depictions may vary depending on the source material or artistic interpretation, as Chrono Trigger itself does not provide an official in-game representation of Belthasar’s physical appearance.

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