In Chrono Trigger, a “tech” refers to a special ability or technique that characters can use during battles. It is a term used to describe the various skills, spells, and attacks available to the playable characters.

Techs are an integral part of the game’s combat system and play a significant role in strategic decision-making during battles. Each character has their own unique set of techs, which can be learned and upgraded as the characters progress through the game.

Techs are categorized into different types, such as physical attacks, magic spells, healing abilities, support skills, and more. They consume the characters’ Tech Points (TP) or Magic Points (MP) when used, depending on the type of tech. Some techs target a single enemy or ally, while others can affect multiple targets.

As the characters gain experience and level up, they acquire new techs or upgrade existing ones, becoming more powerful and versatile in combat. Players can strategically choose which techs to use based on the situation, enemy weaknesses, or the party’s needs, adding a layer of tactical decision-making to battles.

In addition to the individual techs, Chrono Trigger also features “dual techs” and “triple techs.” Dual techs are powerful cooperative attacks that two characters can perform when their individual techs combine. Triple techs involve three characters combining their abilities to unleash devastating attacks.

Overall, techs in Chrono Trigger provide players with a wide range of combat options, allowing them to customize their party’s abilities and engage in strategic and exciting battles throughout the game.

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Magic Vs Techs Learn the Differences

In Chrono Trigger, the game presents a distinction between magic and techs, both of which are used by characters during battles. Here’s an overview of the differences:

  • Magic: Magic refers to the spells or magical abilities that characters can use in combat. Certain characters, such as Marle and Lucca, have innate magical abilities and can learn various spells throughout the game. Magic attacks typically consume Magic Points (MP) when used.
    • Magic spells in Chrono Trigger are elemental in nature, such as fire, ice, lightning, water, and more. They can be offensive, dealing damage to enemies, or supportive, providing healing or status enhancements to allies. Each character specializes in a particular element or type of magic.
  • Techs: Techs, on the other hand, are special combat techniques or abilities that characters possess. Every playable character has their own unique set of techs, which can be physical attacks, special moves, healing abilities, or support skills. Techs consume Tech Points (TP) when used.
    • Techs in Chrono Trigger are often more diverse and varied compared to magic spells. They can involve physical strikes, weapon techniques, area-of-effect attacks, status ailments, buffs, or debuffs. Techs are not restricted to specific elements and can cover a wide range of abilities and effects.
  • The Distinction: While magic and techs have different names and resource requirements (MP vs. TP), their mechanics and functions in battles are quite similar. Both can be used strategically to exploit enemy weaknesses, deal damage, heal, or provide support to the party.
    • The distinction between magic and techs in Chrono Trigger lies primarily in the flavor and presentation. Magic is often associated with characters who have innate magical abilities, while techs are associated with characters who possess advanced technology or martial skills. Some characters may rely more on magic, while others focus on techs.

It’s worth noting that there are also dual techs and triple techs in Chrono Trigger, where characters combine their abilities to perform powerful cooperative attacks. These cooperative techniques can involve both magic and techs, showcasing the synergy between different characters and their abilities.

Ultimately, the choice between using magic or techs comes down to personal preference, the strengths of the characters in the party, and the specific tactical situation in battles.

Types of Techs

In Chrono Trigger, there are various types of techs that characters can use during battles. Unlike magic, which is often associated with elements, techs in Chrono Trigger are categorized based on their functionality and effects. Here are the main types of techs found in the game:

  • Single-Target Physical Attacks: These techs involve a character performing a physical attack against a single enemy. Examples include Crono’s “Cyclone” and Frog’s “Slurp Cut.”
  • Multi-Target Physical Attacks: These techs allow a character to execute a physical attack that hits multiple enemies at once. For instance, Crono’s “Confuse” and Ayla’s “Triple Kick” fall into this category.
  • Healing Techs: These techs are used to restore HP (Hit Points) to the character or their allies. Marle’s “Aura” and Robo’s “Heal Beam” are examples of healing techs.
  • Supportive Techs: These techs provide various beneficial effects to the party, such as increasing defense, enhancing attributes, or removing negative status ailments. Lucca’s “Protect” and Robo’s “Cure Beam” are supportive techs.
  • Offensive Magic Techs: Some characters, like Lucca and Robo, possess techs that resemble magical attacks. These techs are non-elemental in nature and deal damage based on magical properties rather than physical strength.
  • Status-Altering Techs: These techs aim to inflict status ailments on enemies or alter their condition. Frog’s “Water” and Ayla’s “Charm” are examples of status-altering techs.
  • Area-of-Effect Techs: These techs hit multiple enemies within a certain range or area, dealing damage or providing special effects. Lucca’s “Flare” and Magus’s “Dark Matter” fall into this category.
  • Combination Techs: In addition to individual techs, Chrono Trigger features combination techs where two or three characters combine their abilities to unleash powerful cooperative attacks. These techs include dual techs and triple techs, such as Crono and Marle’s “X-Strike” or Crono, Frog, and Ayla’s “Delta Force.”

These are the main types of techs found in Chrono Trigger. Each character has their unique set of techs, and learning to utilize them strategically can greatly enhance your party’s effectiveness in battles.

Types of Magic

In Chrono Trigger, there are several types of magic that characters can use. Each character specializes in a particular type of magic or element. Here are the main types of magic found in the game:

  • Fire: Fire magic includes spells that harness the power of flames to deal fire-based damage to enemies. Marle and Lucca are proficient in fire magic.
  • Ice: Ice magic involves spells that utilize the cold and ice to inflict ice-based damage on enemies. Marle is particularly skilled in ice magic.
  • Lightning: Lightning magic consists of spells that channel electrical energy to deliver lightning-based damage. Crono and Marle have lightning-based spells in their repertoire.
  • Water: Water magic revolves around spells that employ the power of water to attack enemies or provide healing and support. Frog is the primary practitioner of water-based magic.
  • Light: Light magic encompasses spells associated with holy or divine energy, often used for healing and supportive purposes. Marle possesses light-based healing spells.
  • Shadow: Shadow magic involves dark and sinister spells that can inflict status ailments, weaken enemies, or cause damage. Magus, a character acquired later in the game, is a master of shadow magic.
  • Time: Time magic manipulates the flow of time, allowing characters to alter the turn order in battles, hasten allies, or slow down enemies. Crono and Magus possess time-based magic abilities.

These are the primary types of magic found in Chrono Trigger. Each character’s unique magical abilities complement their role and playstyle in battles. By strategically utilizing different types of magic, players can exploit enemy weaknesses, support their allies, and gain an advantage in combat.

Magic Match Ups in Battle

In Chrono Trigger, certain enemies and bosses have specific vulnerabilities or resistances to different types of magic. Understanding these magic match-ups can help you strategize and exploit enemy weaknesses. Here are some notable magic match-ups in the game:

  1. Fire vs. Ice:
    • Many enemies weak to fire are found in icy or cold environments. Casting fire-based magic against them can be highly effective. For example, using fire spells like Marle’s “Fire” or Lucca’s “Flamethrower” against ice-based enemies can deal significant damage.
  2. Water vs. Fire:
    • Enemies that are weak to water-based magic are often found in volcanic or fire-themed areas. Casting water spells, such as Frog’s “Water” or Marle’s “Ice” against fire-based enemies can exploit their weakness and deal extra damage.
  3. Lightning vs. Mechanical:
    • Many mechanical enemies are vulnerable to lightning-based attacks. Using lightning spells like Crono’s “Lightning” or Lucca’s “Electro Bolt” against robots or mechanical foes can be highly effective.
  4. Shadow vs. Magical Beings:
    • Certain magical creatures or beings are weak against shadow-based magic. Magus’s shadow-based spells, like “Dark Bomb” or “Black Hole,” can deal significant damage to such enemies.
  5. Light vs. Undead or Dark Beings:
    • Light-based magic, such as Marle’s healing spells or Frog’s “Cure” tech, can be particularly effective against undead enemies or creatures associated with darkness.
  6. Non-Elemental Magic:
    • Some enemies have high resistances or immunities to elemental magic. In such cases, using non-elemental magic like Lucca’s “Flare” or Magus’s “Dark Matter” can bypass their resistances and deal consistent damage.

It’s important to observe enemy behavior, examine their visual cues, or gather information from NPCs to identify elemental vulnerabilities. Experimenting with different types of magic and paying attention to enemy reactions can help you determine the most effective magic match-ups in various encounters.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that some enemies and bosses may have specific resistances, weaknesses, or immunities beyond elemental match-ups. Adapting your strategy and utilizing a combination of magic, physical attacks, and techs will be crucial to succeed in battles throughout Chrono Trigger.

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