In the game Chrono Trigger, Lucca is a character known for her proficiency in using fire-based magic. She is a talented inventor and scientist who specializes in creating and manipulating fire-based technology and spells. Lucca’s magical abilities are primarily focused on offensive fire magic spells, such as Fire, Flame Toss, and Napalm. These spells allow her to unleash powerful fire-based attacks against enemies during battles.

Lucca’s fire magic is particularly effective against enemies weak to fire, and she can deal significant damage with her spells. She can also learn and use other non-fire-based spells through the game, including support and healing spells like Cure and Protect.

Additionally, Lucca’s technical skills as an inventor and engineer allow her to create and utilize various gadgets and devices throughout the game. These inventions often provide useful effects in battle or help the player progress through puzzles and obstacles in the game world.

Overall, Lucca combines her fire-based magic and technical prowess to become a valuable asset to the player’s party in Chrono Trigger.

Lucca’s Tech Moves

Most of Lucca’s Tech moves are actually magic attacks which makes her great against enemies weak against fire type moves.

Tech MoveMP UsedTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Hypno wave160All targetsN/APut all targets to sleep
Protect6250One allyN/ABoost allys defence

Lucca’s Magic Moves

Tech MoveMP UsedTP NeededAttack RangePowerInfo
Flame Toss110Line of targets6Burn Enemies along a direct line
Fire2Taught at End of TimeOne target11Attack an enemy with fire.
Napalm4150Circle of targets12Bomb enemies within a circle.
Fire 28400All targets14Attack all enemies with fire.
Mega Bomb15600Circle of targets32Blast enemies within a circle.
Flare20900All targets42Attack all enemies with intense fire.

Lucca’s Double Techs

Lucca’s fire type moves make her very powerful against a lot of enemies, even enemies without a fire weakness. When she teams up with a partner her attacks can be devastating to the opponents.

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP NeededAttack RangeInfo
Fire WhirlCrono + LuccaCyclone (2), Flamethrower (1)One enemyStrike a foe with an enchanted blade. (Fire)
Fire SwordCrono + LuccaCleave (4), Fire (2)Circle of enemiesHit all foes in circle with spellblade. (Fire)
Fire Sword II (Fire Sword 2)Crono + LuccaFrenzy (12), Fire II (8)All enemiesAttack all enemies with laser. (Shadow)
Antipode Bomb (Antipode)Marle + LuccaIce (2), Fire (2)Circle of enemiesHit enemies in a circle with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Antipode Bomb II (Antipode 2)Marle + LuccaIce II (8), Fire II (8)Circle of enemiesHit enemies in a circle with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Antipode Bomb III (Antipode 3)Marle + LuccaIce II (8), Flare (20)All enemiesHit all enemies with fire and ice. (Shadow)
Fire PunchLucca + RoboFire (2), Rocket Punch (1)Circle of enemiesBurn foes in circle with fiery punch. (Fire)
Fire TackleLucca + RoboFire II (8), Robo Tackle (4)One enemyAttack enemy with flames. (Fire)
Double Bomb (Doublevbomb)Lucca + RoboMegaton Bomb (15), Proximity Bomb (14)Enemies near RoboBlast enemies around Robo. (Fire)
Red Needle (Red Pin)Lucca + FrogFire (2), Aerial Strike (4)One enemyImpale an enemy with a fiery blade. (Fire)
Line BombLucca + FrogMegaton Bomb (15), Aerial Strike (4)Line of enemiesBomb enemies along a horizontal line. (Fire)
Frog FlareLucca + FrogFlare (20), Frog Squash (15)All enemiesHit all foes with two mighty techs. (Fire)
Flame KickLucca + AylaFire (2), Roundillo Kick (2)One enemyStrike an enemy with a fiery kick. (Fire)
Inferno (Fire Whirl)Lucca + AylaFire II (8), Tail Spin (10)All enemiesEngulf enemies in whirling flame. (Fire)
Blaze KickLucca + AylaFire II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike an enemy with a fiery triple kick. (Fire)

Lucca’s Triple Techs

Tech MoveCharacters UsedTP NeededAttack RangeInfo
Delta ForceCrono + Marle + LuccaLightning II (8), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an elemental blast. (Shadow)
Ring of Fire (Fire Zone)Crono + Lucca + RoboCleave (4), Fire II (8), Laser Spin (3)Enemies near RoboSpin Crono through enemies. (Fire)
Delta StormCrono + Lucca + FrogLightning II (8), Fire II (8), Water II (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an elemental blast. (Shadow)
Gatling KickCrono + Lucca + AylaLightning II (8), Fire II (8), Triple Kick (20)One enemyStrike a foe with an elemental kick. (Shadow)
Eternal Darkness (Dark Eternal)Magus + Marle + LuccaDark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)All enemiesAttack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)
Omega FlareLucca + Robo + MagusFlare (20), Laser Spin (3), Dark Bomb (8)All enemiesHit all foes with an amplified laser. (Shadow)
Poyozo DanceMarle + Lucca + AylaAllure (1), Hypnowave (1), Triple Kick (20)All enemiesConfuse all enemies and hit with ??? magic.

When to have Lucca in your Party

Lucca, one of the playable characters in Chrono Trigger, excels in dealing fire-based damage with her various techs and weapons. While not all enemies have specific weaknesses to Lucca, there are a few notable encounters where her fire abilities can be particularly effective:

  1. Blue Imps: These enemies are weak against fire, and Lucca’s fire-based techs like Flamethrower or Fire Sword can deal significant damage to them.
  2. Megasaur: This boss enemy encountered in prehistoric times is weak to fire attacks. Lucca’s Fire Sword and other fire-based techs can be highly effective in damaging it.
  3. Magus (and his minions): During the battle with Magus and his minions in the Black Omen, Lucca’s fire abilities can be advantageous. Magus himself is weak to water-based attacks, but his minions can be damaged effectively with fire techs.
  4. Lavos Spawn: These enemies, encountered throughout the game, are weak against fire. Lucca’s fire techs can exploit this weakness and deal substantial damage to them.
  5. Lavos (first form): When facing the initial form of Lavos, using Lucca’s fire abilities can be effective. However, as the battle progresses, Lavos evolves and gains different weaknesses, so adapting your strategy will be necessary.

Remember to experiment with different characters and abilities, as enemy weaknesses can vary, and party composition can also play a role in maximizing your effectiveness in battle.

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